Have I mentioned Uncle A lately?  My brother, that is.  He’s quite the artist.  He sent a little book to William with a few little stories in it.

William writes his own story and sends it back.  They’ve been sending stories back and forth for a few months now.  I love that it’s teaching William to write stories and connecting him to his Uncle.

Here’s his most recent story:

The Birdie That Got Lost
By: William Damaska
Once there was a little bird that sat in its nest. It was a girl. She was laying eggs on a dangerous branch. She got out of her nest and jump, jumped on the dangerous branch. And suddenly, she felt that she was going to fall! She fell off the branch and she didn’t know which tree was her tree, so she kept walking on. She just kept waking and walking and walking and walking until her legs got tired. She landed in a dangerous place like a forest and she knew that her tree would be around here somewhere. Everywhere she looked she didn’t see a tree nest. So she walked and walked the other way where she had walked and it led her to her tree! When she got there, her eggs hatched! The End

Kate thinks she needs to have her own story book.  We were going to wait until she was four . . . but I don’t think we’ll be able to hold her off for that long.  William graciously let her use a page in his book.

Her story: Snow White and Hello Kitty were at a house. They can be there. 
And they can color on their paper. They can do their name. 
 The End.
Have a happy Saturday!