I still find it hard to take pictures– not because I don’t like to, but because it reminds me that someone is missing.  But, reality is that while I’m having my little pity party, life goes on and it’s easy to miss out on the little moments that make life scrumptious.  
So, here is our week, Instagram style:

 Kate drew this about a year ago.  It’s our family, as flamingos.  I proudly framed it because I love so many things about it.  Kate is so artistic and one of the things that she and Uncle A love to do together is watercolor.  Andrew is always so kind to let her use the “good paint” and they sit together for hours sketching and drawing. I love that she made our whole family– even disguised as flamingos (the “baby”at the far left is Annie, then Peter, me, Eliza, Kate, and William).  šŸ™‚

 We lined up the fingernail polish and painted away a few days ago.  I finally gave in to Kate’s request of being able to paint everyone’s toes herself (again, my artistic girl).  Currently, I am sporting blue on one foot, pink on the other, green on my fingernails.  It is taking everything in me not to take it all off.

 One of my friends said that she was surprised I allowed these sorts of shenanigans in my house. I told her I was feeling generous. šŸ™‚  I was getting ready to strip the beds and wash the sheets, so I let them pile everything up and jump off.  Eliza landed and laughed, by the way.  And that’s William’s head covered by a sheet.  They decided that diving off blindly was more fun.

 We are still working on our Jesse Tree.  It will take until Easter, I guess.  Sigh.

 Oh that belly!  I may be guilty of buttoning the buttons on her sweater to show off that little pooch.  I love it so.

 I’m cheating a little, because this was a few weeks ago when we were a few hours into our road trip to South Dakota to see Peter’s family.  We had a few hitchhikers (my mom for 3 hours and my brother for 6), so William and I passed the time in the way back of the car.   We were next to the snacks, which made our less-than-stellar leg room worth it.

And lastly, I’m missing this sweet baby– my first (and only!) nephew.  We loved meeting him while we were in South Dakota.  He was doted on quite a bit by my baby-loving kids (well, and me).  He took it all in stride, though.  Eliza still tells me daily, “Jacob come to my house?”.  The 30 hours between our house and his is just too long!! We miss you, Little Man!

And that’s that.  Great little moments to remember.  Let’s see if I can make this a weekly assignment to myself . . .  just don’t hold me to it.  šŸ™‚  Happy Weekend!