There are times when I have a lot to write.

 There are times when I cannot think of one thing worth mentioning.

And then there are times when my head is swelling with things that I don’t necessarily want to spill to a world of people I may or may not know in real life.

No offense.

After Annie died, I was so desperate to grow closer to Christ.  People were sending us books right and left and I’d read a few pages, but they just brought me more grief.  And finally, I found HOPE.

I found someone who was pointing me toward Jesus, not just dwelling on my sorrow.  Have you ever read a book and thought, “She speaks my language!”?  That was me.  I haven’t been able to put any of her books down.  I begin almost every morning with my Bible, with a little help from Nancy.

And two weeks ago Peter and I were honored to spend the weekend with Nancy and her husband, David, along with eleven other couples who had also lost children.  What a blessing!  It was good.  Good, good.  Great, actually.  Little by little they’ll leak onto this blog.  It may take me a little time, though.

Until then, you can know we’re doing just fine.  Hopefully this will be the last break for awhile.  Because not only is God teaching me something new and wonderful, but my kids are just too funny to keep to myself.