Here are just a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to lately . . . I’ve loved William’s rendition of certain words lately:

“Mom, can I have some more parma-john?”  (Parmesan cheese)
“The Elf-adelphia eagles are winning!” (Philadelphia Eagles)
“When football players need a drink, they drink gator-egg” (Gatorade)

One of Kate’s favorite phrases right now is “Just one second”.  
One of William’s favorite phrases right now is “No way, no stray”.  After a little investigating, I think he means “No way, Jose”.  

Playing “Tony Hawk & Bucky”

When Kate poops in her diaper, she’ll start sniffing the air.  “I smell somp-ing,” she says.  “William, smell me.”  AND HE DOES!  He puts his nose right up to her little bum and says, “Yep.  You’re poopy.”  And then they both dissolve into giggles.

After Nap Hair . . . 
I’ve finally wised up and we gave William a digital alarm clock.  That way he can watch the numbers and know when it’s “seven-zero-zero”.  This has somewhat eliminated the minute by minute questions from 6:00 a.m. on of “What time is it now?  Is it time to get up yet?”

Cute boy toes– just a future reminder to me as he gets older and they get stinkier!

I love that the kids are old enough that I can leave them in the bathtub and get a few things done.  I can hear them both playing and know they’re going to be ok.  I checked on them the other day and watched their new game they made up.  They each take a bath toy and wrap it up in their washcloths.  Then they tell each other “Happy Birthday” and exchange their gifts.  They take turns acting surprised and thanking the other one for the gift.  It is totally hilarious.

Painting day . . . I’ve found it’s easier to just strip off their shirts before we even begin.  We took old toothbrushes, dipped them in watercolors and flicked them at the easel.  It was easy to clean up, but didn’t look that great.  
And so goes the world in the Damaska house . . .