I’ve been noticing all these notes around the house lately.  It makes me so happy when I see how the kids are developing their ability to communicate.  

 Kate lost her first tooth.  In order to keep William from spilling the beans about the Tooth Fairy, I told him that he would get to act as her Tooth Fairy.  He worked so hard on a letter to her and I swallowed hard at his suggested amount for her first tooth.  I think we’ll stick to a quarter after this.

 “To Santa.  Here is my Christmas List for next Christmas.  I want a puppy!”

  “To William.  I am sorry for cutting your shirt.  Love Kate.  P.S. You are my best friend.  Love Kate”  Yes, a shirt somehow was cut in the process.  I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of this.

 William disappeared into his room and made a library for Kate.  She had been wanting to borrow some of his books and he wasn’t too sure about that.  We talked and he took off with the idea.  He even made her a library card that she had to sign.

 This one is on my closet door.  We’ve come up with a formula for Kate when she needs to apologize for something she’s done.  First, she says what she’s done.  Then she says she is sorry.  Last, she asks for forgiveness.  It’s helped her to know what is expected of her.  In this instance, she was particularly sincere, as demonstrated by all the hearts.

 This one?  The kids were on some secret mission.  I was glad to comply as it gave me quite a few minutes of peace and quiet.  It’s serious business when there are seven exclamation points!

 William came home with the sweetest Christmas card for us (and gave me permission to post it). It says, “I wouldn’t want to be in another family. Dad, thank you for your job.  Mom, thank you for your awesome ideas.  Eliza, thanks for being the youngest. P.S. Don’t pick your nose. Annie, I hope you are having a great time in Heaven.  Kate, thank you for your hugs even though I don’t like them.  From William”

  This is the best.  I love being married to William’s Dad.