You may be under the impression that my kids are always rainbows-and-sunshine-happy-and-jolly-all-the-time.

I find that laughable.

Let’s just say it gets a little crazy around here.

Let’s not forget this lovely moment on Easter morning:

And how about this one?  I had the bright idea to take a candid family picture while we had ice cream outside one beautiful spring eve.  As Peter was setting it up, William accidentally bumped into Kate who spilled her ice cream all over my lap.  I’m sure the neighbors were watching the drama that ensued.  It was not pretty.  This was the best we got:

(Remember this series of family pictures we took the day we brought Annie home from the hospital? I still remember laughing so hard and yet being so terrified of having 3 kids!)

With the arrival of summer and a new routine, let’s say that things have been a little  . . . intense . . . around here.

Oh, we’ll adjust.  It’s just the in-between-ness that makes me a little frazzled.

All of a sudden the kids are fighting and someone’s crying and it escalates until each one is in a corner proclaiming that they “didn’t do ANYTHING!”

What’s a Mom to do?

I took a cue from William’s kindergarten teacher and made a jar.  Well, I made 2 jars.

One was a Tattle Jar.  That way when the fighting ensued and they came running to me, I could joyfully proclaim, “Put it in the jar”.  And they would.

The other was a Kindness Jar.  I always want to encourage them to find the good in their siblings.

As promised, a few days later, I read through the paper slips in the jar.

And laughed until tears ran down my face.

Kate yeld! at me wene I was was tring to helpe hre
(“Kate yelled at me when I was trying to help her”)
me & kate are giting a loun thrsday
(“Me & Kate are Getting along Thursday”)
Kate kickt me for no resin
(“Kate kicked me for no reason”)
Kate wude not let me have a trne
(“Kate would not let me have a turn”)
Kate is being a chrter today
(“Kate is being a cheater today”)

Lest you think William was the only one tattling, here are Kate’s:
(I guess it’s hard to write down tattles when you can’t spell yet.  Who knew?)
 My personal favorite is the tiny picture she drew of William taking her ball.

You know, I can’t say that the jars really worked.  I still heard my share of tattles and refereed a lot of disagreements.  But it was funny.  And sometimes it’s good to have something to laugh about.

And I have to remember that there are LOTS of moments when these three are the best of friends.

You’ll have to excuse me now.  I need to go stop an argument the kids are having with their imaginary friends.  Apparently Sally took Kate’s stuff.  Jaden and Sally might have to go home for the day. Whatever.