A few weeks before Christmas, we took the kids to a live Nativity.  They were wide-eyed as the Wisemen explained they had seen a new star in the sky and a new King had been born.  From there, the Roman soldiers demanded silence as we signed our name for the census.  Kate was especially quiet and still (if you know her in “real life”,  you can understand how I considered this a Christmas Miracle!).

We proceeded through the Marketplace, watching as some merchants huddled around the fire sipping hot chocolate in styrofoam cups (ok, ok it was really cold).   There were lots of animals to pet and children trying to sell us their bread and cloth.   And then we saw the inn.  William asked the man, “Do you have any room?”  He said no, he didn’t, but there was a stable up the hill.  We turned and found Mary, Joseph and the baby (who was, thankfully, a doll . . . did I mention it was cold!?), along with shepherds, and more animals– a camel, cow, sheep and donkey.

We stood there in silence.  I marveled, watching William and Kate experience the story that changed the course of history.  Eventually the cold won over William and he went with Peter into the warmth that waited.  But Kate wasn’t finished.  “I’m still looking,” she replied to my whispers.  Tears came to my eyes as I watched her, realizing how deeply meaningful it was for her.  I hadn’t expected this.

And then I heard it.  My bubble, that is.  Bursting.

In all her three year old glory she stated, “I’m just waiting for that cow to poop.”

Ah, the true meaning of Christmas.