Two weeks ago we spent a few unplanned days in Indiana with most of my (crazy, wonderful, hilarious) extended family.  We travel from quite a few places, so it was really fun to have so much time together.

The reason for gathering, though, was not so fun.

After many years of life, my Grandma Grace quietly and peacefully left this life.

I am so thankful for the many years I had with her– heaps of memories growing up.

After everything was over, we found ourselves at my Uncle’s house, lining both sides of a table stretched all the way across their dining room.  I could close my eyes and hear the familiar sounds of family– sounds I grew up with all my life.  And yet, now they are different.

I found myself fighting tears lots of times that day because I realized it was the end of an era.

Because one very important person was missing.  There’s just no one like a Grandma.