“Let the dew of My Presence refresh your mind and heart.  So many, many things vie for your attention in this complex world of instant communication.  
The world has changed enormously since I first gave the command to be still and know that I am God.  However, this timeless truth is essential for the well-being of your soul.  As dew refreshes grass and flowers during the stillness of the night, so My Presence revitalizes you as you sit quietly with Me.

A refreshed, revitalized mind is able to sort out what is important and what is not.  

In its natural condition, your mind easily gets stuck on trivial matters.  Like the spinning wheels of a car trapped in mud, the cogs of your brain spin impotently when you focus on a trivial thing.  As soon as you start communicating with Me about the matter, your thoughts gain traction and you can move on to more important things.  
Communicate with Me continually, and I will put My thoughts into your mind.”
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (September 3rd)

P.S.  I keep looking at these pictures and thinking about these words today.  And I’m putting off the grocery store because I’m just not sure how I’m going to face the overabundance.  I’m still sorting out the important and unimportant, and figuring out how to live life in the in-between of it all (also?  I think I love the in-between, even if it isn’t very easy).