William has had some first rate thoughts lately.  I have to write them down before I forget.

“Mom,” he said at lunch, “What if someone drove all the way to Kentucky and they were ‘crossed eyed’ the whole way down even when you stopped and even when you slept?  Not the man driving, but the kid.  Would that be interesting?”  Then he shot me this look:

“I am SO FAMOUS!  Even Jesus said my name.  You know, ‘Not my WILL but yours be done’.  Everyone says my name!”

“Jesus sneaks the sadness of Annie and it catches us and then we cry and we are sad.”  This was at breakfast this morning and we were talking about what he and Kate remember about the day Annie died.   At first I didn’t understand, but then I thought about my day yesterday, when I thought everything was going better and then all of a sudden the enormity of what we have gone through the past few months hit me.  Of course!  I couldn’t have explained my feelings any better. Well said, Son.  He may have a hard time making his feelings coherent, but he is definitely trying to work through them.  Another reason he is “Wise behind his ears”.  I love my boy!