If I could get inside William’s head, I’m sure I would explode. There is just so much going on in there! He is so full of emotion and energy that we find ourselves at our end with him often. But in spite of that, we love him so much and we are so proud of who he is. Here are a few examples of our boy:
  • I was on the phone yesterday when William brought me my chapstick. Before I could scold him for getting into my things, he said, “Mommy, I would like to offer you some chapstick.” Offer!? What kind of three year old OFFERS something?
  • William is a bit stuffy. He described it to me like this: “My nose isn’t working and I think there’s a bug in my eye.”
  • This is the plan that William devised for his friend Colton: Since he doesn’t have a baby sister, he thought that his friend, Jayk, could give Colton his baby sister Ella, since Jayk already has another sisiter, Addi. At least he didn’t suggest giving up Kate!
  • Mom sent a book to William by Mercer Mayer called I Just Forgot. It is an absolutely perfect book for him. Here are a few lines: “Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I just forget. . . This mornign I remembered to brush my teeth, but I forgot to make my bed . . .I had cookies and milk. I was just going to eat three cookies, but I forgot to count them . . .I took my bath and remembered to wash my ears. I didn’t use soap, but I didn’t forget to. I just don’t like soap. . . ” Perfect. My William exactly!