I’m MARCHING through March.
Last Friday, we were able to take three huge bags of books to Mott’s Children’s Hospital for Annie’s birthday.  
My MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) group donated the books for us.  I was humbled and honored to watch the books come in.  It was so fun.  We loaded them up and took a trip to Ann Arbor.
We’ve made it a practice to make the trek down to the city where we spent our last days with our girl.  And while it’s not easy, it’s always worth it.  
We’ve made it a fun day, which is only by the grace of God because it hasn’t been the happiest thing for me to drive that road between here and there.  
We eat a great lunch.
We visit the hospital.
We hit our favorite stores.
We celebrate with cupcakes.
And we end at the bookstore.

 We love our tradition of celebrating Annie’s birthday.  Not as good as having her with us, but still good.

The rest of the week?  Well, there’s been a lot of medicine and antibiotics.  Movies.  Extra “pa time”.  William’s holding out, but the girls have both been down for the count.  It happens.

And then yesterday, Kate’s other bottom tooth came out.  Kate was over the moon and thanks to my bright idea to have William act as Captain Tooth Fairy, so was he.  He was giddy tonight to sneak into her room and put the money under her pillow.

 And then there was a little of this:  Eliza in cowboy boots, an afro wig, trying to do a somersault.  This is my life.

Often crazy, always blessed.