This year for Thanksgiving, Nanna, Grandad, and Uncle A came to our house. We were so sad that Grandma Grace & Grandpa Roy got sick and couldn’t come. They were sad, too. Mom needed some extra help in the kitchen, so I jumped right in. I made Animal Crackers a la Croutons. Mmm. I had to keep reminding everyone not to touch the stove– it’s hot!!

William and I worked really hard all week on Turkey napkin rings and teepees for every person. Aren’t they beautiful?

I wasn’t so much into the actual Thanksgiving meal, but for dinner we had “the first thanksgiving”. We made little baskets and put all sort of fun things in them. Like teddy grahams to represent all the wild animals the pilgrims had to fight off and pretzels to represent trees that the pilgrims cut down to make their houses. It was so much fun and yummy, too, although the adults seemed to think it was a little far-fetched.

Then we made Thankgiving turkeys for dessert with oreos, candy canes, and malted milk balls. Who needs pumpkin pie!? Uncle A thought the whole thing was quite amusing. William and I loved it!

Mommy bought three identical trees for our rooms with lights and everything. So later we got to decorate them. I had to have some help. We put the last one away for our new sister next year.

The next day we went to get a Christmas tree! Mommy let us put the candy canes on it, but I kept taking bites out of them instead. William is an expert on decorating, so he helped me a lot.

After all the festivities, we were a little worn out, so Mom let us watch our favorite Charlie Brown. I let William lay on my lap. It was a little hard for me to watch the movie from that position, but it was ok.

We had a fun Thanksgiving. And now I’m getting hyper just thinking about Christmas!!
P.S. Sometimes William and I tell stories. Here is the story I made up myself: “One time,two cows fall. They hurt. They need band-aids. The end.”