When Grandma died, I got a few things.
Well, they aren’t just “things” because they elicit such strong memories for me.

Call me crazy, but one of the most special things I got from Grandma was her tupperware.

And I can’t help but fill them with her favorites–
Orange and strawberry finger jello
Monster cookies with one M&M in the middle, sprinkled with extra sugar

When they are empty (and before I fill them up again!) I hand wash them.
Yup.  I am crazy.
But I don’t think I could bear it if her white-medical-tape-handwritten-name came off.

Seeing her name there shows me that she often filled up her tupperware and took it somewhere.  And that speaks volumes to me– it teaches me to think of others, to give a gift, to make others feel special.

At Grandma’s viewing, we would periodically take turns sitting by Grandpa so that he wouldn’t be alone.  So when my turn came, I was amazed at the number of people who came up to him with a memory of how Grandma had cared for them and loved them when they needed it most.  It was a precious time for me.

I love the Godly heritage I’ve been given.  And each time I run the soapy water and gently wash her name– Grace H.– I’m reminded to in turn show others that I care.