You know those  blurry allergy commercials that become crystal clear to illustrate how different life can be once you take their magic pills?

I’m feeling a bit like I need the magic.

I’ve been pondering just how I’m going to share about our trip to Ecuador last week.  I had planned on blogging while we were there, but the spotty internet was a bit of relief when I realized that the pep talks I had given myself on poverty just weren’t cutting it.

Today, as I sit on my couch and listen to my washing machine, as I listen to the kids putting together forts in the basement and breathe in the fresh air, I realize that these days of blurriness will fade.  Because right now the world-of-last-week and the world-of-this-week lie in stark contrast.  Both are fresh in my mind today.  Truthfully, it’s hard to merge the two worlds.  It hurts a bit, this freshness.

There are a lot of questions in this in-between blurriness.  

P.S. Over the next few weeks, I have plenty of snapshots to share with you.  Fingers crossed, it won’t take you back to the “What I Did On My Vacation” slideshows.