Today I find myself home from Church . . . again.  It’s the third one I’ve missed of the last five.

We’ve amassed a pretty impressive list of ailments that we’ve conquered this Winter.  And just when I thought we were finally through it, it’s rearing it’s ugly head again.  Ah, this too will pass.

So today I am home with Eliza who started puking at the infamous time of two-in-the-morning.  Thankfully it only lasted a few hours, but she’s still not up to par.

After my initial guilt of having to stick others with my church responsibilities this morning, I settled in on the couch with coffee, sweats, a cuddly baby on my lap and “Sense and Sensibility” in the DVD player.  It’s all about finding the perks of the job sometimes.


#2 walked in the door.  Sick.

I’ll give you 3 guesses as to which Big Kid bit the dust:  “Sense and Sensibility” has been replaced with the 1993 Bulls vs. Suns game.  And, FYI, Phil Jackson and Charles Barkley are sporting pretty impressive moustaches.

He just said to me (and I quote): “Mom, do you mind if I skip ahead to the 4th quarter to see who won?”  Since the game was, oh, NINETEEN years ago, I guess it wouldn’t hurt, would it?

These moments are not always welcomed.  They are often long, filled with day after day of staying in the house without break or escape.  And I have to admit to dry heaving when I think about facing one more blow-out diaper.  Or midnight bloody nose. Or another load of foul smelling sheets.

But, I simply love being the Mom of these.  I’ll keep spraying the Lysol and taking temperatures and I’ll keep learning to be thankful for even these moments that make up life.

P.S.  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago during Round #2 of the Sickies.