My house is so quiet this morning.
I folded the blankets, picked up many pairs of random shoes, wiped up the sticky spots . . .
And they are as I left them.
No big kids trailing behind me to undo what I cleaned up.
Seems strange.

True to Damaska form, we were yelling and hurrying and french braiding up to the last minute this morning.

Oh yes, we took pictures.
Note to self: Don’t check Facebook to see all the sweet, cute pictures of other people’s children.

Here’s what we got:

Along with a sweet, pesky photobomber:

So.  Today.
Kate (who kept randomly yelling, “I can’t believe I get to go to Kindergarten today!!!”) is sitting in her new classroom and William (who played the kool kat) is now a big 2nd grader.

And my house is so quiet.

Eliza’s not quite sure what to think of it all.  Neither am I.  But I have a sneaky suspicion that she won’t mind the extra attention.