There is one adventure after another around here! We have been so blessed with beautiful, happy kids!

This morning, when getting Kate dressed, I discovered many mosquito bites all over her back and tummy. But wait . . . this isn’t mosquito season. After careful examination, we have discovered that she indeed has chicken pox. Isn’t that just peachy?! We are hoping William gets them quickly and we can get this over and done! Annie is quite safe from getting them) for six months or so– and doubly safe since she gets her meals from me! So we are quarantining ourselves and making the best of it.
Here is a game that the kids have made up and play at almost every meal time: Kate closes her eyes and shakes her head slowly saying, “Can’t see! Can’t see! Can’t see!” until William loudly proclaims, “Ding Dong!” and then she can open her eyes. Then they switch. Interesting, eh? We just shake our heads.
And then, again at the dinner table, this conversation commenced: Kate looked at me with her big, serious, brown eyes and said, “Mom, Hank (the dog) poop-ed a lot”. Before I could reply, William pops in saying, “Unfortunately, Kate, we’re not supposed to say ‘poop’ at the table”. First of all, Kate is quite enamored with poop lately, especially when it comes to her little sister. That in itself is not all that noteworthy. It’s the -ed at the end that kills us. And she only does it with poop-ed and burp-ed. Second of all, what kind of four year old uses the word ‘unfortunately’ in normal conversation!?
Peter and I have always had a fun time filling out brackets for March Madness. This year, Peter decided to share this all important tradition with William and Kate. They went for Butler (they liked the name), Pittsburgh (they love the Steelers) and had Michigan/Michigan St. as the final two teams. Unfortunately, the only team that is still standing in their bracket is Michigan St. And I just feel the need to add that I have the most teams winning in our family.
Kate is a very girly, girl. However, she has an older brother. So the other day I found her playing with her dollhouse. Except the dolls were playing football. These cute little dollhouse dolls were standing in formation while she said, “Down! Set! Hut hut!”
Lately when we’ve been running errands, we’ve found that it’s just easier for one of us to go in the store while the other one stays in the car with the kids. After about 30 seconds the kids are bored, buggy, and generally annoying. So in desperation I made up some games. We play a lot of “I Spy”. Kate still has a little lisp and I love to hear her say, “I spy wif my wittle eye somping yewlo”. They we started spying on people. It goes a little like this: “Hey– who’s in that car? What’s that guy doing? I see a kid riding his bike! Oh, that lady’s driving waaaay too fast, etc., etc., etc.” They really get into it. So hilarious!
Last Wednesday night, William wanted to dress like his Daddy for church. Of course, I had to take a picture of my two boys! Peter had to persuade him not to wear a tie. I wonder how long this “dressing up” will last?

And those are the stories I can think of right now. I’m sure I’ll have more to add soon . . .