It’s time for another list from me. These are just random thoughts I’ve been having:

  • There are times that I feel like my life is defined by being a mother. Not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it something I think about very often. But the other day, I went to our little grocery store and the clerk said to me, “Wow. You’re out without the kids today!?” Now, a few things went through my mind at that time. First, I need to go places without the kids more often. Second, I really hope the thought behind her comment was, “She has such sweet kids. I like it when they are along” and not, “Her kids are so crazy. It’s about time she quits bringing them along!”
  • I was so proud of myself last week when I made homemade bread. It was very fun, even if it took 7 cups of flour! I grew up seeing Mom make us bread all of the time (I remember begging her to buy bread from the store!), but haven’t really tried it myself. I had to laugh when I got my bread pans out and found someone (William) had put stickers all over them. I guess I need to use them more often!
  • The other day I was particularly cranky and found myself yelling at William for quite a few things (In my defense, they were mostly things that deserved punishment– like yelling for me and waking up Kate after it took me 30 minutes to get her to sleep!). At the end of the day, while I was putting William in bed I said to him, “William, I’m sorry that I yelled at you so much today.” He put his arms around me and said, “I forgive you, Mommy. I forgive you again and again and again.” I found myself crying, realizing how quickly small children are ready to forgive. We lose that readiness to forgive completely as we grow older. I also realized how William’s response is the same as when we ask forgiveness from God. Again and again and again I get it wrong– and again and again and again, God is ready and waiting to forgive me.
  • We all continue to be completely in love with Hank. We couldn’t ask for a dog to fit in more perfectly with our family. Kate especially loves him and squeals with delight whenever he comes close to her or sneaks a lick on her feet. I find it completely hilarious, though, that when we were at some friends’ house, she was terrified of their 10 pound dog.
  • William, since turning three, has declared that he is now a grown-up. But, he says he still like little boy bikes. And when he turns 20-20-20 he’s going to marry Mommy. When he’s 7 OT, he’s going to marry Kate.
  • Every afternoon, Peter calls me to tell me he’s walking home. We live 3 houses from the church and by the time he gets to Miss Shirley’s house (the first house), William is running to him, Hank has already been there and back, and Kate is practically jumping out of my arms, screaming and throwing her hands in the air. Everybody’s happy when Daddy comes home!