Our sweet little girl turned 3 months old last week. Who can believe it!? She has brought us much joy, many smiles and a ton of pictures.

While Papa and Dotsey were here a few weeks ago, we dedicated Annie Jane (officially) to the Lord. What a joy to have Papa pray over her!
I think about our three kids and how we’ve stood at the front of the church, committing to raising them to the best of our abilities to know Christ and the power of His Resurrection and I’m overwhelmed. Yet I have peace that God has entrusted these kiddos to me. Had I only known how hard this “Mom thing” was going to be . . . I’d do it all over again. In a heartbeat. But with more fear and trembling!
Grandad and Nanna brought Grandma Grace and Grandpa Roy up for the big day. We had a lot of fun together. Annie had a sweet little dress from Grandma on and the sweater she wore was mine when I was a baby. Grandma Moneyheffer knit it for me when I was a baby. I loved looking at Annie and thinking about how much Grandma would’ve loved seeing it on her.
And so we let Annie turn three months. It was a little hard. I so wanted to keep her under 2 months for longer. But I guess that’s what babies do.
See this sign? It’s William’s special signal that helps her stop crying. At least that’s what he says. The funny thing is, it actually works. Especially when he’s 2 inches from her face. ha.