Today I would like to share this space with the special-est of guests.  She is destined to do great things, people!  Without further ado . . . .
Mom: Hi.  Would you like to introduce yourself?
Kate:  Yes.  My name is Kate.  I love you.
Mom: Before we start, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself.
Kate:  Ok.  I like books.  They are my favorite.  I have lots of other favorite things to do.
Mom:  Like cooking?
Kate:  Yes.  (whispering) say and . . .
Mom: And?
Kate: Coloring.
Mom:  What would you like to share with us today?
Kate:  Nothing.
Mom:  I mean, what is the recipe you are going to talk about today?
Kate:  Uh, Kate’s Recipe.
Mom:  Could you please tell me how you made it?
Kate:  I had chocolate covered raisins
Kate: And peanuts

 Kate: And almonds and cranberries

Kate: And one more thing . . .  pumpkin seeds!

Mom:  What did you do with those things?
Kate: I ate some of them.
Mom: No, I mean, how did you make Kate’s Recipe?
Kate: I used all that stuff, of course.
Mom:  Did you dump it on the floor and stir it with your feet?
Kate: No!  Mom gave me a bowl to stir it in.  I used a spoon to stir it.  

Mom:  And then what?
Kate:  Then we got to eat some of it.
Mom:  So I think that what you are saying is that your favorite part was the eating?
Kate:  Yes!
Mom:  Is there anything else you’d like to share today?
Kate: No.  The end.  Goodbye.