We have a regular rotation of games around here.

One is “marble game”.  It involves rolling a marble back and forth on a windowsill.  It’s a cousin to the popular “ice cube game” where they roll an ice cube to each other on the kitchen floor.  That one usually takes place while I’m trying to make dinner.

Another game William and Kate enjoy is “Secret Asian Spies”.  I think they mean “Secret Agent Spies”, but I don’t want to correct them because I think it’s funny.  They pretend I don’t see them sneaking up on me.  Honestly, it drives me nuts, but as long as they stay quiet enough to let Eliza sleep, I let them play it.

But today’s story is about the ever-popular “duck, duck, goose”.  Which is actually pretty humorous, since there are only two of them to play it.

The other day I listened while I folded laundry:

Kate was the “ducker” (their word).
William whined, “Kate, why do you keep skipping me?”
(Apparently, there were a myriad of other imaginary friends in their circle?)

So Kate obliged.  Sort of.
I watched her skip around the circle, patting the made-up heads:

She paused when she got to William and said boldly, “Peanut Butter and Jelly with Salami”

At this point, she knew she was in trouble, so she just took off running.
Of course, he chased her.  And caught her.
It did not end well.
But it was still funny.


I went to get my hair cut a few Saturdays ago.  Somehow I managed to convince Peter to take William and Kate with him to go get groceries (huge points for him!) while I kept Eliza with me.

It sounded so good.  Too good.

Ten snips into my haircut, Eliza got a tummy ache and decided to make things a bit miserable for us all.

I mean, seriously, this face?

She screamed and screamed and screamed.  Poor baby.

And then, the next appointment came in.
And Peter finished up his grocery run and arrived with two very cranky children.

What was I to do?

I left with half a haircut.

And returned the four days later to finish it.

She’s lucky she’s so cute.


Kate was in my closet this morning, talking away.  When she came out, I asked who she was talking to.

“Oh, my son, Jadyn,” she said rolling her eyes.

“How is he?” I asked.

“Well, he just isn’t cooperating!”  she said, just as if we were two moms discussing our children’s behavior.  It was hilarious!

She then walked back into the closet, slammed the door and said in an authoritative (and dare I say familiar?) voice,

“Jadyn, do you not know that I am trying to help thousands of people!?  And I have to wear scarves and boots and belts and you are not making good decisions!  I have to help all these thousands of people and I want you to be good!”

It was a very serious talk.
I sure hope Jadyn shapes up.  His Mother is a very busy woman.

Thus ends my randomness tonight.
I love my kids.