As Peter was putting the kids in the van the other day,  they had the following conversation:

William: Dad, what does fart mean?
Disclaimer: We prefer the word ‘toot’ in our house.  Nothing against ‘fart’ . . . we just don’t use it. 🙂
Peter: Where did you hear that word, William?
(Peter was clearly having visions of older, wiser boys who love to teach these things to their younger followers)
William (thinking he’s in trouble): I think I made it up.
Peter: No, you didn’t make it up.  You’re not in trouble.  Just tell me where you heard it.
William: Um, well, I think I learned it from you, Dad.
Peter: Really?  What did I say?
William: You just told Kate to “Quit farting around and get into your seat!”

Oh Daddy!