1.  Today the first flower on our tree popped open!  There have been years when we had to be away for a few days during the spring and I almost cancelled the trip because I was afraid I’d miss the flowers on this tree.  It’s my favorite.

2.  Will found a secret stash of hyacinths and picked them from me.  They smell amazing and he is the best son ever.  (Bear agrees.  And who does he think he is?!  The centerpiece or something!?)

3.  This dog is getting old.  But that still doesn’t keep him from running off.  He did it again last night and he has a nasty limp today to prove it.

4.  I’m fairly sure that iced coffee was invented by a mom.  After three attempts of drinking a warmed up cup this morning, I finally pitched it without a sip.  Thankfully my sweet husband brought me home a fresh one from Tim Horton’s.  I’m drinking it right now.  And it’s cold.  I just didn’t want to risk the few minutes I have to drink it.

5.  The girls and I planted a few seeds last weekend and we had a lot of fun together.  Kate even wrote about it at school.  I felt so blessed that on the day she wrote about friendship, she wrote about me.

6.  I really start to miss the big kids once May hits.  It just seems like they should be home.  But I will say that I’m not looking forward to my quiet afternoons being taken from me.  I wonder how long I can make “Mandatory Reading Time” seem fun?

7.  I found a few neighbors who moved in without us knowing.  I’ve been peeking at them all the time.

8.  I’m having a hard time really believing that spring has finally come to Michigan.  But I think it may be true.  The first s’more seals the deal, doesn’t it!?

Happy Wednesday to you!