Wednesday morning I got this text:

”Hellloooo!  When you get your kids off to school and have a minute will you call me?  Nothing bad, just crazy… want to see if you can go to Haiti with me next week.  WHAT??!”

I’m a homebody, logical, a planner.  I like to have adventures, but this time of year is busy and, hey, I have lots of kids and they have a lot of stuff.

So of course, I choked and I called my friend as soon as I could.

……. And I told her yes.

Which means that tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll be boarding a plane to Haiti.  I’ll be there until Saturday.

(This is the part of the story that my friends look at me in utter disbelief, because they know me and how totally out of character this is for me.)

We’re going to a wedding of a Haitian pastor we love…. which, by the way, is better than the funeral I attended last time I was there.  I don’t know a lot of details, and really, that’s okay.  All I know is that as God shapes my life and I try to live with my hands wide open, He sends me these incredible surprises.

My friend, Neile, the sender of the first text, is going to be the Matron of Honor at the wedding.  She is as planned and organized as I am.  The fact that we are going together, last minute, is pretty hysterical.  But we have the greatest husbands, who encouraged us.  Peter’s first reaction was excitement… “Why not?”  he said.

Neile found herself in a bridal shop a few days ago, trying to find a dress in January.  She wrote to me in the dressing room: “Just wanted you to know I’m in a big bridal store surrounded by all these young girls, gathering beige dresses to try on and I’m thinking MY LIFE IS GETTING SO WEIRD.”

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  I’ve been smiling to myself as I make lists, plan childcare, and try not to panic.  When we say yes to God, the way He leads us is unbelievable and amazing.  I’m not sure what this next week will hold.  But my eyes are open and my heart is ready for wherever He leads me.